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Stand-Alone Sexual Abuse and Molestation Liability


Peloton offers several carrier options for Stand-Alone Sexual Misconduct & Molestation Liability (SML) for insureds that maybe required either by contract or State Licensing to carry a Stand-Alone Policy separate from their current policies.

These policies offer financial protection, response services and risk management for organizations against the cost of defense and liability in responding to actual or alleged acts of sexual misconduct and molestation, as well as negligent hiring and supervision. They also address the reputational damage that sexual misconduct and molestation allegations create for companies.

Key features:

  • Safeguard services, including prevention and response services

  • Coverage for executive offices, employees, coaches, counsellors, clergy & volunteers

  • Worldwide coverage

  • Duty to defend policy

  • Coverage includes negligent hiring, employment, investigation, supervision or training

  • Coverage in the event your client fails to report to proper authorities employees who commit acts of sexual misconduct or molestation

  • Ability to backdate retro-date if continuous claims made prior to SML coverage


Target Industries:

  • Religious organizations

  • Educational institutions

  • Healthcare organizations

  • Social Services / Human Services

  • OT/ST and PT companies

  • Leisure Services

  • Transportation Companies (including school bus companies)

  • Non-profits (an industry requiring our SML product to satisfy contractual requirements)

Management Liability Insurance

Talk to an advisor to see if a Stand-Alone Sexual Abuse and Molestation Liability Package is right for you!

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