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Flood Insurance

Welcome to our flood page, where we're dedicated to helping you understand the importance of flood insurance and how it can safeguard your home and belongings from the devastating effects of floods.

Too often many property owners forgo Flood Insurance either because it has not happened to them or the area the property is in, has not suffered a flooding incident (at least as far as they know).  And those that do purchase a Flood Policy, usually purchase because their lender requires it as a part of the loan, this too may not be enough to keep you covered.


If a lender requires a homeowner or business to purchase flood insurance coverage, they normally will only require the homeowner to carry the loan amount. Too often this may fall short of the true value of the home or business.

Most homeowners' insurance policies don't cover flood damage either, leaving many homeowners/business owners facing cleanup, possible mold issues, and a potentially huge debt for either.

Having a Flood Policy cannot stop your home or business from flooding, but it can help you in being prepared for a Flood Catastrophe should one happen.

Don't leave the protection of your home, belongings or business to chance. Learn more about our comprehensive flood insurance policy and ensure you're prepared for the unexpected.

Peloton offers several carrier options for Flood Insurance policies.

Check out your local flood map at

Private and NFIP Flood Insurance


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