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Vacant Building/Property Insurance


Vacant building/property insurance can help protect a business/property owner against losses when a property is vacant for an extended period. Coverage needs can vary based on risk exposures, length of vacancy, reason for vacancy and other factors.

Vacant Building/Property risk exposures

An unoccupied property faces increased risk of vandalism, theft, water damage, fire damage, wind damage and other losses. While newly acquired properties or buildings undergoing renovations have long been the structures most at risk from these exposures, businesses/property owners may suddenly need to protect vacant property that may need to stay empty for a very long time.

How do I know if I need Vacant Building/Property coverage?

Vacant property insurance coverage may be needed beyond what is in a company’s/property owners standard property insurance policy. Businesses/property owners need to consider what’s required to protect their vacant properties, whether from purposeful damage caused by a criminal or an accident such as sprinkler system leakage, fire and negligence and/or inability to manage and maintain building. There may be vacant property insurance provisions for certain losses based on length of time a building is unoccupied, so that must be considered when selecting the right coverage.


What kinds of vacant Buildings/Properties are covered?


Vacant Building/Property coverage has a broad appetite for all types of vacant Rental Homes/Properties, Commercial Buildings — stand-alone retail spaces, strip malls, high-rise office buildings, warehouses and more. Our vacant building insurance policies are available with coverage limits up to $25 million through our various insurance providers. (Higher limits may be available depending on risk characteristics.) We work through a program administrator with extensive experience in covering vacant properties nationwide.

What does vacant building/property insurance cover?

When insuring a vacant building/property, dwelling coverage can protect your property against direct physical damage to the property, such as:

  • Fire

  • Lightning

  • Windstorm and Hail

  • Vandalism

  • Named Windstorm and more

Choose between Basic and Special form coverage when discussing insurance options with your agent.

Vacant Property Insurance

Contact an insurance professional for information about your needs.

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