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Control your workers’ compensation costs with experience mod analysis!

Realize your company’s full potential for cost savings with a complete mod analysis by an advisor.

We help our clients understand their mod rating and provide them with ways to significantly save on their workers’ compensation premiums. By using your loss history information, we can work together to create a targeted loss control program to decrease your total costs.

Peloton provides the tools needed to answer critical questions. The Experience Modification calculation tool is the industry leader in ex mod analysis. Our Experience Modification Analysis Reports are concise, and informative.


The XP-Calc tool provides critical insight into experience period calculations. It provides what policy periods will be used and how long they will be used in any Ex-Mod effective period. It also includes the unit stat level, valuation month and the unit stat filing deadline. Among XP-Calc features is the Strategic Cancellation analysis. Use this feature to strategically analyze opportunities to change the Anniversary Rating Date to limit or expand the exposure of a policy.

Intelligent and Concise Reporting, Including:

  • Concise Reports for Expedient Meetings

  • Experience Modification Calculation

  • Present and Historical Data

  • Loss Ratio Analysis

  • Eligibility Threshold Analysis

  • Experience Modification History

  • Applying Prior Rating Formula Analysis

  • Experience Modification Industry Ranking

Do you know your Minimum Ex-Mod?

Is your workers Compensation eating into your Profit?

Download our example formula to see if you are losing profit - click here 



The Peloton Insurance Brokers Difference


When looking for Workers' Compensation, consider working with a partner who really knows the space and does as much due diligence as they can upfront.


Peloton Insurance Brokers, works closely with their Partner Carriers and their Private Clients to determine your ideal coverage and services needed for your industry.

Workers Compensation can be a pretty huge expense for a company if not managed properly and working with the wrong market that does not understand your industry risks.

We work with many different Workers Comp Carriers to find you the best coverage and best rates, and most importantly, many of our Carrier Partners offer Loss Control Services to provide specialized plans to help mitigate and prevent on the job accidents and injuries.

Peloton Insurance Brokers can help you find the right workers comp insurance policy to fit your needs. We are here for you, so if you feel that our Private Client Services is a fit for you and your company, for either a Workers" Compensation Proposal, or you would like to discuss your Ex-Mod and our Ex-Mod Analysis click the Get Started Button below.

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Learn More, Talk to an advisor About Our Workers' Comp Analytical Tools!

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