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OSHA 2024 Compliance

As many of you are aware, OSHA mandates that employers maintain an "OSHA log" to track injuries and illnesses. Over the years, OSHA has also required many employers to electronically submit this data to OSHA for its review. In a new move towards improving transparency in workplace safety, OSHA has introduced a major update to the submission rule this year, emphasizing even more on the significance of compliance. We have along with our subscription provider have put together a comprehensive guidebook to update on everything you need to know about the latest OSHA electronic recordkeeping requirements and how to avoid penalties for non-compliance.

Here are just some of the highlights below:

  • Employers are required to electronically submit injury data directly to OSHA on an annual basis. Injury data from 2023 must be submitted no later than March 2nd, 2024.

  • Establishments with 20 or more employees from selected industries and all establishments covered by the recordkeeping rule with 250 or more employees must submit 300A data.

  • NEW: Establishments with 100 or more employees in designated industries must submit their OSHA 300 and 301 forms, in addition to the 300A summary. • NEW: Employers must submit their legal company name along with the submitted data.

  • NEW: OSHA has reaffirmed its commitment to ensure companies comply with this rule. Failure to submit injury data can result in a significant fines and trigger an OSHA inspection.

  • Violations for materially false, fictitious, or fraudulent statements can be punished by a fine or by imprisonment of not more than five years, or both.

  • The electronic submission requirements do not change any employer’s obligation to complete and retain injury and illness records.

Not sure if your company falls within the requirements, download a copy of the guidebook provided by our subscription service provider.





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