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A quick worker's comp checklist, that can help you save money!

1 - Was my work comp final audit verified and audited by my broker?

2 - Did my broker explain what happens if I use contractors that don't have workers comp and how I may end up paying an additional premium?

3 - Do you know if you have an Experience Rating Modification?

4 - Did your broker explain what an Experience Modification is and how it can save or cost you money on your work comp?

5 - Do you know your current Experience Modification?

6 - Where you told what your minimum Experience Modification can be for your current policy year?

7 - Are you and your broker checking your payroll quarterly to avoid payroll increases resulting in a probable large additional premium at audit time?

8 - Are you and your broker verifying contractors/third parties' insurance (liability and work comp) by requesting updated certificates of insurance, and are you keeping them on file for at least 5 to 7 years?

If you're not asking questions or don't have a checklist, you might be missing opportunities to save money or find overpayments...

Have a question, or need help with your insurance management, contact us by clicking this link:

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