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Why do I still do Insurance?

So what's with the title?

Well, let me tell you a story (maybe not quite). I just had a conversation struck up, and it has come up before, it went like this.

So Paul, I know and heard that you and your wife have a few companies, and that you both actively (Daily) trade options on the stock market, and have rental houses in 3 states, and are both active in rental housing.

So tell me why the hell are you still running an insurance brokerage, that requires continuing education to renew your license that takes money, requires you purchase E&O insurance yourself, and get drowned in paper work, when I have way better income avenues with way less headache, and time consumption.

Well my apprentice here is why I still do it. I simply luv working with business owners, existing and new, I luv helping them learn, and I actually learn from them too (you know we never stop learning) its amazing what you can learn from so many others as well as teach them too. I luv seeing them succeed, I luv working with them to come up with solutions to problems, problems that can spring up for others down the road, and hey we know how to fix that or even better avoid that.

And if I can help someone learn about risks, and financial wellbeing, the rewards for me again is seeing them smile, not stressed and face the future with a lot more confidence, and believe it or not staying educated in risk management and finances helps us a heck a of lot in our trading and our rentals, not to mention I get to meet and network with a lot of awesome people.

If you want to learn or just become more knowledgable, doesn't matter in what, I highly recommend you try to start teaching people, you are full of knowledge, you just don't know it yet.

You guys are awesome.



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