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To run your Business, you need to get a financial education.

Updated: Jun 26, 2019

Unfortunately most of us, including myself lack or did lack a financial education, by that I mean, having an education, and continuing that education as often as you can.

I have met, worked with and coached business owners in the past that started their business with no financial background, and a common theme I found with most was, how can I cut my insurance costs to save money, how can I cut our admin costs to save money, and the theme goes on.

How, about instead of looking for ways to cut costs (usually amount in savings of a few hundred dollars), we look at ways to grow your business, ways to grow your income, ways to protect that income and your business?

Guys, here at Peloton we are not just about insurance. Let me introduce myself, I am Paul, the Owner of Peloton Insurance Brokers.

I also started out with the same mind set when I first started my brokerage, always looking for ways to save money, which by the way, takes you away from growing your business.

My wife and I decided a couple of years ago that we needed to start getting up to date with our personal financial education, (how to really make an income, protect that income and help others do the same), we were tired of being behind the curve all the time.

You too can do the same, it's not just about how to make the business money, its about how to use that money to make you more money, through investing in assets, trading, knowing how taxes really work in your favor with the right entity and structure set up.

Once you start to learn these things you will view your business and money in a whole new way.

Now don't just go running off and signing up for the first classes you find, I want to start you off slowly, with some recommend reading:

My first book recommendation is Toby Mathis, Esq, Tax Wise, from Anderson Business Advisors (we personally use these guys, highly recommended).

My second book is by Michael Bowman, Esq, How to Start and Run Your Business (The Right Way)

Guys, I highly recommend these books, and recommend you check out this company and their website. https://andersonadvisors.com/

I will start posting more books and talking more about investing and income, so keep a watch on this blog.

Know someone with a business or just starting one, send this site to them.

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