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Change Your Mind Set, Change Your Life

Hey guys, how are you?

Being Awesome I hope?

Well, your probably wondering what's the title for and why on an Insurance Blog?

Well, it came to my attention, actually with myself, and when I realized that my way of thinking was way off and actually holding me back, I have started to notice with people I talk to on a regular basis are also thinking the same way I did and have the same mind set I had.

I'm not playing the blame game here, because as I mentioned I too had the wrong mind and found myself blaming, anyone, anything or just looking for a way to blame others for my lack of growth, things not going the way I wanted them too.

Is this resonating with any of you, if you're honest you're probably nodding yes right now, it's okay, the best part is you have noticed it and now willing to change it.

Yes, I had a poor mindset and there was no way I was willing to take risks. I was going through life and business with a poor mind set, thinking too small.

So lets ask this question of ourselves:

How do you want to live your life knowing as we all do, that it's not eternal here on earth, (that sentence right there, was powerful enough to get me thinking). Are you willing to take Risks?, or are you playing it Safe?, are you willing to change your mind set?

If answered yes, comment below, or shoot me an email, and let me know. Why? Because this is an interest and subject that I think we all need to learn and would love to get a group going, to discuss changing your how you think for growth, resources and networking.

Take care guys.

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