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Does Your Business Need Immediate Working Capital?

If so we can help.

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Does Your Business Need Immediate Working Capital?

If so, Profectus Factors, LLC, can help.


At Profectus Factors, LLC, we are recognized experts in factoring and in providing ready business finance alternative solutions to businesses, and entrepreneurs. Factoring your invoices through Profectus Factors, LLC turns those receivables into immediate "ready" cash which can be used to:

  • make payroll

  • purchase inventory

  • pay suppliers and take discounts

  • purchase equipment

  • expand a facility

  • enter a new market

  • pay back taxes


Accounts receivable factoring is one of the most powerful financing mechanisms available to small business B2B entrepreneurs and you can find out more regarding this unique method of finance by clicking the Learn More below.

At Profectus Factors, LLC it is just one of the many financial tools we make available to small business owners.

Get Paid on Invoices Now


Upto 95% advance rates available

24 Hour Funding Approval on most accounts

Pay Bills, Fund Growth,

take on New Client and Jobs and Increase Profits!

Benefits of Factoring


1. Cash Without Debt
2. No Long Term Contracts
3. Strong Financials Not Required
4. You Control How Funds Are Used
5. Pick and Choose The Invoices to Factor

Get Started with Factoring


Ready to know your options? It's easy to get started with invoice factoring! Just give us a call at (702) 871 8535 or use our online application. View or Download the online Invoice Factoring Application


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