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Builders Risk for Contractors and Investors


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Investors - Homeowners - Contractors - Business Entities

Each building project has special needs and risks. There’s a lot happening at each site, and your client’s reputation and livelihood are on the line. This coverage is built specifically to protect contractors and owners against property losses. Will the site be covered if there are changes to the job? What about coverage to meet regulatory code requirements if a building is damaged?

From homeowners to business entities to contractors, builders risk insurance can be secured in the name of nearly anyone with a vested interest in the project under construction. While the scope of coverage is often the determining factor when selecting an insurance provider, the features, terms, coverages and more of the builders risk policy must also be a great fit for the client and the project.

Builders Risk Policy Types:

  • Single project / one-shot: Policy for contractors or residential and commercial property owners with one new construction, remodeling or installation project

  • Reporting form: Policy for contractors with two or more residential and commercial new construction projects valued up to $3 million

  • Blanket deposit premium: Policy for contractors with residential or commercial new construction projects, averaging 25 or more builds per year

  • Blanket installation: Policy for trade contractors with residential and commercial projects

What does Builders Risk Insurance Cover?

Builders risk insurance can cover a variety of projects, offering standard coverages and additional endorsements to tailor policies for any residential or commercial course of construction project. Depending on the coverage selected at the time of policy issuance, the Builders Risk Plan insured by our carrier can protect policyholders' financial wellbeing should loss occur from exposures such as theft, fire, materials in transit, back-up of sewers, flood, earthquake and much more.

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Paul Byrne

Dawn Lanclos

New Construction                      Remodeling                        Installation

Starting from the delivery of materials until the property is finished, you could encounter unexpected damages and delays and theft when building a new structure.
When renovating, your permanent homeowners property insurance policy might not offer the scope of coverage required to properly protect your investment.
As a subcontractor, service provider, or installer you need robust coverage to protect materials during storage, transit and installation.
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