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Airbnb and VRBO Insurance Package



One Policy Covers Both Commercial & Personal Use Of Your Vacation Rental

AIRBNB INSURANCE POLICY HIGHLIGHTS: Designed to replace your current coverage:


  • Commercial Package Policy: coverage for buildings, contents, income, and liability

  • Building & Contents: special cause of loss (all risk) with replacement cost valuation

  • Liability: $1,000,000/$2,000,000 in commercial general liability (extends beyond premise with no deductible)

  • Income: actual loss sustained business income coverage with no time limit. 

  • Additional $1,000,000 in personal liability when rental doubles as a primary residence

  • Optional upgrade to $2,000,000/$3,000,000 in commercial general liability

  • Liability coverage enhancement for animals/pets & liquor

  • Liability coverage extended over amenities: pools, bicycles, small watercraft, golf carts, rec areas & more

  • Property coverage enhancement for theft and damage caused by a renter

  • Ordinance or Law enhancement up to full building limits

  • Bed Bug enhancement with business income

  • Underwritten by Lloyd’s of London, AM Best’s Rated A

Available States: CA, NV and TX

Colorful Bed

Get Started Today

Our Airbnb Insurance Program acts as a business policy to provide comprehensive coverage for your building(s), contents, commercial liability, and business income.


Additionally, we provide all of this coverage while simultaneously acting as a personal liability policy if the property “doubles” as your primary residence.


You can think of this as a homeowners policy, business policy, and landlord policy combined. This is the most efficient way we have found to meet the very specific needs of the short-term rental industry.


For a short term rental to be a smart investment, you want to protect it as such. It is time to ditch the narrow, inconclusive coverage and gain broad protection.


Lets see if this is a policy that fits your needs.

Airbnb Host Resource Links for you:

Below we have some helpful Airbnb links for hosts and management companies,  not affiliate links.

A great website for resources and offers, YourWelcome a guest management & monetization platform

Another great resourceful site is, Airdna See how your existing vacation rentals are performing compared to their peers and study real-time future demand to set the perfect price every day.

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