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"Peloton Insurance Brokers is a company built on personal relationships with clients, clients that know when they call or contact us, it's like calling a friend, on a personal level. Pelotons, growth is anchored to the growth of our clients, if you don't grow, then we cannot grow."


Hi, Guys, I’m Paul, I own and operate Peloton Insurance Brokers, I'm also a full-time Options Trader, I also invest in Buy and Hold Real Estate for Passive Income, Future plans are to start a Real Estate Business, that will help others who are starting out, who wish to change their careers and income through better Financial Education and Passive Investment Strategies.


My wife and I are total COFFEE Freaks, I actually roast all my own coffee at home, started out by hand and now have a small roaster, I love the different flavor notes you can produce by roasting your own coffee and learning about all there is to learn from coffee roasting, anyway, that's a story for another page or time.


We are also fitness freaks, anyone who knows us, think we are crazy, we get up at 4:30 am every day without fail, grind and enjoy our first coffee of the day, then cold press and blend our smoothies, then we do our High-Intensity Work Outs usually around 30 minutes, this gets us ready for the day, more alert, more energy and ready to take on the day.


We are all about helping others, we want to help those interested in better financial knowledge, growth opportunities, and most of all, ways that will help them produce income while providing time to be with family and have the freedom to do the things they really enjoy. This is also the way I help clients with insurance, there’s no need for insurance to be difficult, mind-boggling, or confusing NO.


We want to keep it, SIMPLE, RELIABLE, INNOVATIVE and most of all be MAKE PEOPLES LIVES BETTER.

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